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Tottenham Concrete Driveway

At Tottenham Concrete, we provide expert installation services for concrete driveways in both residential and commercial properties throughout Ontario. As a low-maintenance alternative to other materials, concrete driveways are favored by homeowners and businesses alike. They are a robust and long-lasting choice that saves proprietors more money over the long haul than cheaper alternatives like gravel or asphalt.

To create concrete driveways, cement, sand, and water are combined to form a durable substance that can withstand pressure, extreme weather, time, and damage once mixed and sealed. Concrete driveways may cost less per square foot than asphalt driveways, though the expense is frequently determined by the driveway's size and decorative possibilities. We understand that cost can be a consideration, but we offer stamped concrete as an affordable alternative for those seeking to enhance their driveway's appearance. Our clients can also pick from an assortment of tinting options to add color to the perimeter or the whole area.

At Tottenham Concrete, we strive to ensure that you obtain the driveway you have envisioned without breaking the bank.


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If you have a damaged sidewalk, it is essential to have it examined by a professional concrete contractor to determine whether it needs to be repaired or replaced. At Tottenham Concrete, we commence working on your project once we comprehend the requirements. We extract and replace any fractured or broken concrete, but the crucial difference between us and our rivals is that we address the root cause of the concrete damage. Other contractors may simply substitute the old concrete with new concrete in the same location, but at Tottenham Concrete, we always guarantee that the underlying problem is resolved to prevent future damage.

The severe climate in Ontario can create difficulties in maintaining concrete. The significant temperature changes between seasons lead to water penetrating the surface and causing it to freeze and thaw. This leads to uneven wear and tear and can result in chipping and erosion of the top layer, causing the concrete to look worn out.

Suppose you require a high-quality driveway installation at a reasonable price. In that case, you can depend on the specialists at Tottenham Concrete to complete the job with accuracy. Our professional team can install new driveways and sidewalks for your parking lot. We can also repair any existing walkways or driveways that require attention. To begin, contact us at 289-796-3999.

Concrete is frequently utilized for repairing cracks and gaps and restoring damaged cement to its original state. Repairing and maintaining damaged concrete prior to its complete failure is critical for ensuring safety, aesthetic value, and cost-effectiveness. Our team takes immense pride in transforming any driveway into a sophisticated and professional area that adds value to your home and is constructed to last.

Furthermore, our dependable concrete contractors have vast expertise in decorative concrete work for your outdoor space to enhance its visual appeal. If you require any concrete work for your driveway, please call us today at 289-796-3999.